BAD SONS Beer Co.: Mechanical Milkman (S’Mores)

BAD SONS Beer Co.: Mechanical Milkman S'mores

Style: Imperial Stout

Special Notes: Conditioned on espresso beans, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Lactose sugar added.

Malts: Chocolate Malt

ABV: 5.5


Availability: Rotating availability

@untappd says: 3.58/5

Who am I kidding? Stout Season is year-round here on the Windowsill!

Back in January, my good buddy @galleycookinbeersnob and I took a trip with our wives to BAD SONs Beer Co. in Derby, CT. As usual, the beer was solid, and the company was pretty cool too. We did a couple of flights, tried a couple of pints—that was the release day for the Triple Snaps collab they did with @thedrunkalpaca—and even ended up picking up a couple of limited to go bottles from the fridge at the brewery. If you haven’t had the chance to get down to Derby, Y’all need to go there ASAP. Great place!

BAD SONS Beer Co.: Mechanical Milkman S'mores
Ride ’em cowboy! (Credit: Martin Stezano/Beers on Windowsills)

One of the limited release bottles I snagged was the S’Mores variant of their Mechanical Milkman stout, which is a “silky smooth” bourbon barrel-aged nitro stout loaded with chocolate malt and lactose sugar. This variant is further conditioned on espresso beans and all of your favorite s’mores ingredients—graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow. Although it’s less hefty than I typically like my stouts, and the s’mores flavors were a bit subdued, I really liked this brew. I wasn’t blown away or anything, but I liked this one.

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BAD SONS Beer Company: Big Whoop

BAD SONS Beer Co.: Big Whoop

Style: New England-style Double IPA

ABV: 9.0%


Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 3.89/5

Beers on Windowsills Returns to BAD SONS!

We’ll keep it brief for you Friday Instagrammers, but I wanted to give a quick shout out to BAD SONS Beer Co. with this photo that somehow got lost in my archives. Their top notch taproom is located in Derby, CT, and has only been around since the summer of 2017. Despite its short time in business, the brewery has always impressed me with the quality of the brews it puts out. If you’re looking for solid beer in CT, you can’t go wrong with BAD SONS!

Unfortunately, I don’t have too much information about the Big Whoop. It’s a pretty hefty double IPA that, at 9.0% ABV, packs quite a punch. That being said, it’s still very juicy and smooth, which makes it a little dangerous. I didn’t know it was so potent until I stood up after I drank it!

Big Whoop

BIG WHOOP comin' in hot to the taproom this Friday 3/16! Limited Can Release starting at noon. Can I get a Whoop Whoop!?! #DIPA #newbeer #canrelease #ctcraftbeer

Posted by BAD SONS Beer Co. on Thursday, March 15, 2018

I’ll actually be in the taproom with my good buddy, Brian and our wives this Saturday… Maybe I’ll see you there? Maybe I’ll have a Big Whoop?

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BAD SONS Beer Company: Bourbon Barrel Aged Roper

BAD SONS Beer Co.: Bourbon Barrel Aged Roper

ABV: 9.0%

IBU: 33

Availability: Limited

@untappd says: 3.73/5

Come and knock on our door…

There’s not a whole lot left for me to say about Derby, CT’s BAD SONS Beer Company. I’ve been to the tap room a few times, so instead of going on about how cool it is there, and how great their beer is, I’ve decided to include never-before-seen photos from my trip last year in this post. Enjoy in the embedded Instagram post below!

If you’re a child of the 80s and 90s, then you know exactly who the hop-headed, robed gentleman on the bottle is. Mr. Roper, the original landlord on the hit sitcom “Three’s Company,” played by the legendary Normal Fell. Mr. Roper was always there playing straight man landlord to the hijinx of Jack, Janet and Chrissy (later Cindy, and then Terri). Although Mrs. Roper was never satisfied with him on the series, I was super satisfied by this brew. The Roper is a Scotch Ale, also known as a Wee Heavy, aged in bourbon barrels for 4 months. I picked up two bottles several months ago, but just decided to have a crack at one this weekend. Really good Scotch Ale, with the added bourbon kick. I certainly wouldn’t evict this beer from my fridge!

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BAD SONS Beer Company: Lupefied

BAD SONS Beer Co.: Lupefied

Wet Hop: Ctz, Centennial, Citra, Simcoe

Dry Hop: Lupulin powder from Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra

ABV: 8.8%

IBU: 86

Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 3.66/5

Don’t get Funkdafied or Stupified right now. It’s time to get Lupefied on the Windowsill!

Have you guys gotten your butts down to Derby, Connecticut to visit BAD SONS Beer Company yet? If not, this Saturday might be a good day to right that wrong. They’re throwing a St. Patty’s Day Cask & Nitro party. There will be limited release beers on hand, like Nitro Stout, Cask Stout, Cask Bock, Nitro Brown and Scotch Ale. Those delectable treats will only be available on St. Patty’s day, so head down there! It lasts from noon until 10PM!

If you do go, make sure you pick up a 4-pack of today’s Windowsill brew, the Lupefied. It’s an Imperial/Double IPA loaded with a sick amount of hops. Head brewer Mark daSilva stuffed as much CTZ, Centennial, Citra and Simcoe hops as he could into this beer. However, it’s in the dry hop where this DIPA really gets its oomph, with added lupulin powder from Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra hops as well! The Lupefied is hoppy, fruity, tart and really quite good. Plus… BAD SONS’ can art is on point as always.

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Beers on Window Sills Goes to BAD SONS Beer

Bad Sons Beer Co.

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that Derby CT’s BAD SONS Beer Co. had themselves a can release this past Thursday. Although I wasn’t able to make it for the actual release, I brought Beers on Window Sills there on Friday. Let me tell you, I came away very impressed. I ended up with some beers, some swag, and a new brewery I will regularly visit. Continue reading “Beers on Window Sills Goes to BAD SONS Beer”