Founders Brewing Company: Doom

ABV: 12.4%

IBU: 100

Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.03

Prepare to meet your Doom… on my window sill!

I’ve had a barrel-aged brew from Founders Brewing Company on my sill before (see the Frootwood post from a couple of weeks ago), but despite being made using a similar aging process, today’s featured window sill specialty has a completely different flavor. Where the Frootwood is fruity, Doom is definitely more hoppy, and the IPA flavor really comes through. It was first released as a draught-only option in 2009 (known as “Hand of Doom”), and then finally bottled as part of Founders’ Backstage Series in 2013.

The beautiful thing about this beer is that Founders took their already award-winning Double Trouble Imperial IPA (the very first beer to grace my window sill), and made it even better by aging it in bourbon barrels for four months. Good beer begets good beer, and this one’s no exception. Pungent hops and “boozy bourbon” help this beer really hit the spot, but be careful… it’s 10% ABV. A few too many of these will certainly spell doom for you!

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