Half Full Brewery: George (Without Rhyme or Reason Release #4)

Malts: Munich, Chocolate Malt, Dark Wheat

Yeast: Belgian yeast

ABV: 6.5%


Availability: Brewed only once

@untappd says: 3.76/5

Still searching for rhyme and reason? You don’t need it on the Windowsill!

Let’s talk about the Half Full Mug Club. It costs $80 for the year, which might seem a bit stiff upfront, but gets you some pretty solid benefits. Each member gets a 20oz Member Mug, which is numbered and lives at the brewery. When you use that mug, you get 20oz pours for the price of 16oz of beer. Free booze! Every Thursday, you get a free member pint for you and a friend. Once per month, you get 20% off your group bill (up to 10 people). You also get 20% off to go beers (cans, crowlers, growlers, etc). Finally, you get an invite to their annual “Share The Love” Member events. I’m excited to see how my first year goes!

Now, the George. It’s named after our first president, George Washington. Half Full Brewery invited us down to sample it about a half hour before the official release (thanks, @zkyte), and I was honored to attend with @jbeataetn and @brewplexcity (and his fiancée). It was pretty damn tasty! At its base, it’s a Dunkelweizen brewed with Munich, Chocolate Malt and Dark Wheat. The secret ingredient? No, it’s not love. It’s marshmallows! Toasted, blowtorched marshmallows! It’s malty upfront—“almost banana bread-like”—and sweet and caramel-y at the end. I definitely tasted the marshmallow-y goodness right away, but it was even tastier as it warmed up. Head down to the brewery and buy yourself a six-pack of George right now!

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