Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers: Cranberry Berliner Sour Wheat Lager

ABV: 3.5%


Availability: Seasonal

@untappd says: 3.72/5

There will be no IPAs on the Window Sill today. Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers Only!

When brothers Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler opened Jack’s Abby in 2011, they decided on one rule: Jack’s Abby makes lagers. And ONLY lagers. No matter how much buzz IPAs get, you won’t see one in the Framingham, MA-based brewery. Luckily for them, and us, there’s a ton you can do with lager yeast.

Although I only recently picked the Cranberry Berliner up, it’s one of the brewery’s specialty seasonal beers that releases every July. The beer is kettle-soured with lots of cranberries, and then fermented with lager yeast. The result is fruity, citrusy, dry and very tart. Really good fruity sour beer!

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