Two Roads Brewing Company: Unorthodox

ABV: 9.2%


Availability: Limited (Winter)

@untappd says: 3.76/5

You will join us as we continue Two Roads Week on the window sill, yes?

The interesting part about Two Roads Brewing Company is that brewmaster Phil Markowski isn’t afraid to experiment with his beers. Rather than just recreating a traditional Russian stout, the “brewing czar,” as the bottle calls him, decided to brew the Unorthodox with malted rye and four different kinds of Pacific Northwest hops.

The result is a very unique beer that’s unlike anything I’ve ever really tasted. They describe it as full bodied with notes of rye, treacle, chocolate and espresso. I don’t even know what treacle is (turns out it’s a British term for molasses), but I just call this damn tasty. From Stratford with love, indeed. The Unorthodox releases every January, but they still had a couple of packs at the brewery when I visited. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Dos vedanya, comrades.

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