Brewery Ommegang: Rosetta

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 9

Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.86/5

It’s Women’s History Month. Today, I honor a pioneer of women’s brewing on my sill.
Cooperstown, NY’s Brewery Ommegang once had an idea to make a soured fruit beer, but lacked the resources and climate to do so in upstate New York. They called upon their sister brewery, Belgium’s Brouwerij Liefman’s, for assistance, and Brewmaster Rosa Merckx was happy to help. Merckx happens to be the first Belgiam woman ever to earn the title of Brewmaster, which she achieved in 2008. She got her start at Liefman’s when, as a young woman, she applied for a secretary position and got the job. One day, she was asked to taste a beer, but it was too sour. On her recommendation, the Brewmaster changed the recipe. As time passed, he asked her for more and more help, until the two were brewing everything together. When he passed away, she took over. She’s retired today, but still visits Liefman’s, where she worked for 46 years overall, every day. Her signature is even featured on every bottle.

As for the Rosetta, it’s brewed with a combination of aged cherries (3 years), Flemish brown ale and kriek (cheery beer). The heavy cherry flavor is robust, but not overpowering–a good combination of sweet and tart. You’ll definitely want more than one, which isn’t too common in the world of sour beers.

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