Two Roads Brewing Company: Roadsmary’s Other Baby (2017)

Two Roads Brewing Company: Roadsmary's Other Baby

Style: Rum barrel-aged pumpkin ale

Special Notes: Aged in Caribbean rum barrels

ABV: 9.3%


Availability: Very limited fall release

@untappd says: 3.91/5

Is it too late for pumpkin beer? Not on my Windowsill!

In October of 2017, I posted one of my favorite local beers, The Roadsmary’s Baby from Two Roads Brewing Company. It’s a pumpkin ale aged in Caribbean rum barrels, and I dug it because it showed off Two Roads’ barrel aging program’s vast potential. It’s appropriate that I waited a year before trying, and posting, today’s brew—the Roadsmary’s Other Baby—because the only difference between this, and the original, is time.

Barrel aging deepens the flavor of any beer ale and makes it just a little more complex. What Two Roads did with this alternate universe version of the original Baby is age it even longer in those Caribbean rum casks. That extra aging made the flavors even deeper, and ingrained the beer with even more oak and rum character. The notes of pumpkin and vanilla also became more enriched, making Roadsmary’s Other Baby a really delicious and robust pumpkin beer… Even though I had this too late to post it for Halloween.

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Southern Tier Brewing Company: Rum Barrel Aged Pumking (2017)

Southern Tier Brewing Company: Rum Barrel Aged Pumking

Special Ingredients: Pumpkin

ABV: 9.5%

IBU: 25

Availability: Yearly, but not this version

@untappd says: 4.03/5

Part I of our Halloween Two-fer is on the Windowsill right now!

According to, Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain. It was celebrated from October 31 until November 1 to welcome in the end of the harvest and the beginning of the “darker half” of the year. Starting in the 8th century, November first became All Saints Day, and the night before became also known as All Hallows Eve… eventually Halloween. Somehow along the lines, candy, pumpkins and scary ghouls and goblins got involved too. Makes sense to me!

If you know me and my Windowsill, you know we love us some barrel-aged goodness. Because it’s Halloween, you know we have to come hard with a Pumpkin ale. Thanks to Southern Tier Brewing Company, I’m able to do both with one glorious ale—their Rum Barrel Aged Pumking. Last Halloween, we had the original Pumking. The barrel-aged version knocks that one out of the water. I loved how the booziness blended with the pumpkin. So perfect for the holiday!

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