Pine Island Brewing: Oatmeal Crème Stout

Pine Island Brewing Company: Oatmeal Crème Stout

Malts: Black Malt, Flaked Oats, Maris Otter

Special Ingredients: Lactose

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 35

@untappd says: 3.85/5

Are you pining for a good, light stout? Well here you go!

Pine Island Brewing, located in Pine Island, NY, opened its taps in October of 2015. Former CPA, and avid homebrewer, Mike Kraai is behind the relatively new brewery’s recipes. One very cool thing of note about the tap room… it’s located in a renovated firehouse. It’s definitely on my list of breweries to visit when I head up to the Hudson Valley area.

The Oatmeal Crème Stout is Pine Island’s winter seasonal. It’s creamy and smooth from beginning to end, as an oatmeal stout should be. Very malty too, as it’s brewed with Maris Otter, Black Malt, Flaked Oats and added Lactose. I tend to like my stouts a lot heftier than this one—it’s only 5%—but the Oatmeal Crème had some solid flavor. Very tasty!

Thanks to @bklyndena718 for picking this one up for the Windowsill!

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Yonkers Brewing Company: Bakesale Oatmeal Nitro Stout

Yonkers Brewing Company: Bakesale Oatmeal Nitro Stout

ABV: 5.0%


Availability: Very limited in cans

@untappd says: 3.65

Having a delicious bake sale on the Windowsill today! What treats do we have in store?

Yonkers natives John Rubbo and Nick Califano grew up helping their grandfathers make homemade wine. They’re endlessly proud of those years spent crushing grapes and learning about booze, but they’re even prouder of their home city. When they decided to open their taps in 2015 only one name stood out: Yonkers. Appropriately enough, their brewery is located in the heart of downtown Yonkers. John and Nick wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love a good Nitro anything, and the Bakesale Oatmeal Nitro Stout is not an exception, at least when it comes to flavor and mouthfeel. This brew had what I love in any stout, with great flavors of chocolate and oatmeal, as well as the nice, creamy, thick mouthfeel that laced the inside of my mouth. The one thing I didn’t like is the ABV. If you know me, you know I love a good imperial-level stout. The Bakesale falls short there, so I guess I just have to drink two!

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What’s the Big Deal About Nitro Beers, Anyway?

Image of beers–Modern Times Beer's Black House Nitro Stout

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the world is suddenly all about Nitro. No, I’m not referring to the movement honoring former American Gladiators for their contributions to the world of battering laypeople with oversized q-tips that I hope to one day start. I’m talking about nitrogen gas, the biggest trend in brewing today.

So what’s the big deal with Nitro beer, and why is it suddenly everywhere?

First of all, we need to establish one thing. Using nitrogen to carbonate beer instead of CO2 is not a new thing. I know you might be seeing a lot of craft nitro brews emerging in the last year, and even some from the big time beer companies, but there’s one brewery that has been using nitrogen to make their delicious beers for over 50 years.

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