Springdale Beer: Yawp!

Hops: Chinook, El Dorado, Comet, Centennial, Denali

ABV: 6.0%


Availability: Limited

@untappd says: 3.81/5

Is that a herd of yeti on the Windowsill? Well, I highly doubt it. So what is it?

Let’s say you were known for one thing—like putting beers on windowsills, for example. But you dream of putting beers on other things, too! What do you do? Well, the folks at Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers kind of found themselves in a similar situation—you can’t make non-lagers if your company’s name says you only make lagers. How did they get around this problem? They created an offshoot brand, named Springdale by Jack’s Abby. Under this label, which was kicked off in 2016, they’re free to experiment with everything, from barrel aging to IPAs to pale ales to stouts—whatever they want! Will this inspire me to start a side-Instagram named Beers on Other Surfaces? Nah. I’m good. But I’m glad Springdale by Jack’s Abby is a thing!

What does “Yawp!” mean? No, it’s not just a group of yetis traveling together in a pack (sorry @urbandictionary). It’s actually basically a cry out. It can be used to express exultation, frustration or even just agreement, according to this can. It can even be used in reaction to drinking a really tasty American pale ale, like the Yawp! This one is hopped with Chinook, El Dorado, Comet, Centennial and Denali hops, which makes for a really hoppy and bitter brew. Did I like this one! Yawp!

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