Stubborn Beauty Brewing Company: Nummy Nummy

ABV: 8.1%


Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 3.95/5

Do you like nummy brews? Cuz the Window Sill does!

Andrew Daigle and Shane Lentini began home brewing together in 2009, and founded Stubborn Beauty Brewing Company in 2014. Unlike most home brewers, they didn’t start slow. Their first beer was a hearty DIPA–the inspiration for what is, today, their brewery’s most popular brew: The Nummy Nummy.

It pours a lovely almost caramel color, which wasn’t what I expected, but the hoppy and citrusy flavors really stuck out for me. Juice for days. The name fits. This one truly is nummy nummy in the tummy tummy. As it says on the can, your taste buds have a new best bud. That being said, be careful. Despite the high ABV, this one drinks really smooth!

There are more nummy beers on our Instagram, so go check it out!

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