Swiftwater Brewing Company: Muncheez Truck

Swiftwater Brewing Company: Muncheez Truck

Style: Imperial Milk Stout

Special Notes: Brewed with peanut butter, coconut and chocolate.

ABV: 9.3


Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.12/5

Got any snacks? Cuz I have the muncheez on my Windowsill today!

Let’s talk about Rochester, New York’s Swiftwater Brewing Company. Their story is all about home and family, and the respect that Andy Cook—the owner and head brewer—has for both. Everything about this brewery is tied to the Rochester community and Andy’s family. 80% of their barley is provided by the family farm, which also supplied the trees from which their taproom tables are made. As much as they can, they keep the rest of the ingredients they use local too. That passion for the community really shines through in everything they do, including their beer.

Swiftwater Brewing Company: Muncheez Truck
This beer giving you the muncheez? (Credit: Martin Stezano/Beers on Windowsills)

The Muncheez Truck is one of those stouts that you guys know I love. Creamy, Motor Oily, Chocolaty with an awesome coconut sweetness and a nice, albeit more subtle than I typically like, peanut butter touch. I love me some sweet milk stouts, and this one hit that craving right on the nose for me. According to the official description, it was inspired by a mysterious muncheez truck parked across the street from the brewery. Really dug it!

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