Banded Horn Brewing Company: Wicked Bueno

Hops: Centennial

ABV: 4.3%


Availability: Seasonal – early summer

@untappd says: 3.41/5

Doood. We gotta wicked good beeah on the sill today!

In 2005, cousins Ian McConnell and Ron Graves started homebrewing in Maine. Ian ended up moving to New York, where he interned at Sixpoint Brewery, honing his craft in Brooklyn. Eventually, he moved back to Maine and started Banded Horn Brewing Company with his original brewing partner, Ron.

I found the Wicked Bueno this summer, on a trip to @craftbeercellar in Massachusetts. I overheard the guy at the shop describing it to a different customer, and ended up buying a 4-pack myself. Although I think it’s a bit more than a “fancy corona,” that’s still a good way to describe this lightly-hopped Mexican-style lager. Really light, really sessionable, and pretty refreshing. Good change of pace.

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