Hanging Hills Brewing Company: Irregular Hartbeat

Hops: Galaxy

ABV: 8.4%


Availability: “Almost never”

@untappd says: 3.87/5

Is that a murmur in my chest, or am I just happy to have this beer on my Windowsill?

I love a brewery with a clear cut mission statement. Hanging Hills Brewing Company upholds the following values in order to make the best beer possible: purest ingredients, traditional techniques, attention to detail, creativity, community, commitment to environment, and gratitude. How do they make great beer? With “ingenuity and a dogged pursuit of quality. Like what you hear? Head up to Hartford today!

I’ve been looking for another good Hanging Hills brew for my Windowsill for a couple of weeks now, and man did I make a good choice! The Irregular Hartbeat (Hanging Hills is always showing the love for Hartford, CT) is a Galaxied up version of their other brew, named Hartbeat. While the Hartbeat is made with Mosaic and Citra, the Irregular Hartbeat is all Galaxy, all the time. It’s bright, juicy and hoppy. Made my heart skip a beat!

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