Other Half Brewing Co.: I Like My Sugar with Coffee and Cream

Style: Imperial Stout

Special Notes: Brewed with Vanilla, Hazelnuts, Milk Sugar and Coffee. Named after a lyric from “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys.

ABV: 15.0


Availability: Occasionally available during the winter

@untappd says: 4.22/5

How do you take your sugar? I take mine on the Windowsill.

Nothing says Brooklyn like the Beastie Boys. Alright, I know only Adam Yauch was actually born there (RIP), but the New York rap trio did write that BK anthem, “No Sleep Til Brooklyn.” Being that Other Half Brewing Company is a Brooklyn staple, it’s nice to see them paying homage to the Beasties.

Other Half Brewing: I Like My Sugar with Coffee and Cream
Looks good, doesn’t it? Like an old timey diner coffee! (Credit: Martin Stezano / Beers on Windowsills)

Today’s beer, the I Like My Sugar with Coffee and Cream, which I got from a good buddy, may not be inspired by No Sleep, but it is inspired by another Beasties song—”Intergalactic,” from their 1998 Album Hello Nasty. If you don’t know about it, go take a listen. Celebrate the Beastie Boys with me and Other Half NYC!

As for the beer, the I Like My Sugar with Coffee and Cream is an Imperial Stout made with coffee, milk sugar, hazelnut and vanilla. It’s rich, creamy and super sweet with a great coffee aroma and flavor. The hazelnut and vanilla show up in really nice hints, too. Nice and thick… great for dessert! Did I mention that it’s 15% ABV? Doesn’t feel that way until you try to stand up, though. Hoo boy. That’s what @galleycookinbeersnob and I call a “shoulder slapper!”

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