Other Half Brewing Co.: Vapor Ringz

Style: Imperial Stout

Special Notes: Brewed with lactose sugar

Hops: Citra, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin

Malts: “Pillowy” Oats, Raw Wheat

ABV: 8.4


Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.44/5

Let’s see how the Other Half is living on the Windowsill today!

Let me tell you the story of the two-day beer exchange. I have a buddy who lives quite close to Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, NY. A few weeks ago, he was going to the brewery, and offered to pick me up some stuff… or I asked? Who’s to say? Anyway, he picked me up some brews, and we decided that I would pick him up some brews to exchange, and we set up a drinks and beer exchange outing in the city.

Other Half Brewing: Vapor Ringz
Pretty trippy label are on this one. I dig it, man! (Credit: Martin Stezano / Beers on Windowsills)

When exchange day came, my friend brought the beers with him, carrying them around all day so that he could trade them with me later. Me? Of course, I left them on my kitchen counter, like a jerk. We decided to get drinks and food anyway and actually went to a pretty cool spot on 26th and 3rd named @taproom307. Solid nachos and flatbread. Pretty sweet beer selection, too! You should check it out if you’re in the area. Anywho, because of my forgetfulness, We met up again the next day, and I finally fulfilled my end of the bargain. Shadily exchanged a sixpack of beer from backpack to backpack in the middle of 18th street. Exchange complete!

Why on earth did you just have to read that whole story? No, not just a test to see if you guys actually read my long posts. Today’s beer is one of those beers! It’s the Vapor Ringz, a double IPA brewed with lots of Citra, with a side of Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin. “Pilowy” oats, raw wheat make up the malt bill, and there’s some lactose thrown in for good measure. I’d put a ring on the Vapor Ringz. It was amazing.

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