Southampton Publick House: Double White

ABV: 6.6%


Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.53/5

Looks like my windowsill’s heading back to Long Island!
If there’s one thing I really enjoy is going to a restaurant that makes its own beer. For the most part, you know you’re probably in a place that, at the very least, will feature some unique beers for you to try. Long Island’s Southampton Publick House was established in 1996, and has been rolling out award-winning beer ever since. Over the last ten years, they’re ranked in the top 20 for medals won at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The brews made here are staples beer competitions all over the world, and they’ve brought home many medals.

The Double White Ale is one of those award winners. From the GABF to the World Beer Cup to the Real Ale Festival, they’ve all recognized this citrusy, spicy Belgian-style ale. The twist with this one is that “double gravity” punch that makes gives it a little more flavor intensity, as well as a higher ABV of 6.6%. If you’re looking for a New York classic, this unfiltered treat is it. Really tasty!

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