Syracuse Brew Brothers.: ESBN 2 Pale Ale

Hops: Mosaic, Eureka

Malts: NY 2-Row, Vienna, Flaked Oats, Specialty

ABV: 5.7%

IBU: 114

Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: N/A

Syracuse Brew Brothers are back on the sill today!

When I spoke to Terry from the Syracuse Brew Brothers, he made SBB’s mission clear: they have a vision of producing sought-after beer that people would travel across the country, or even across the world, for. At the same time, their dream is to establish a taproom and distribution center in the heart of Syracuse, so they can make a difference in the community they love. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with that.

The ESBN (Experimental Small Batch Number) 2 is a pale ale brewed with 2-Row, Vienna, Flaked Oats and other specialty malts, and hopped with Mosaic and Eureka hops. The resulting brew was very tasty, with some good dankness, lots of hoppy goodness and a good mix of piney and citrusy flavors that worked very well together. I dig it!

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