Trinity Brewing & Evoke Fermentations: Super Juice Solution

ABV: 4.1%


Availability: Summer seasonal

@untappd says: 3.83/5

There’s a problem on the Windowsill, and there’s only one solution: Lost Photo Friday!

Trinity Brewing & Evoke Fermentations is all about finding solutions. Not just for beer-related problems, either. They also want to solve their patrons’ health problems. Starting after St. Patrick’s Day, they host a running group called Soul Runners every Monday at 5:45PM. Anyone—at any level of fitness—can come, and there are 4 and 8-mile (can we call these “Spaghetti, Spaghetti?”) trails. This is very smart business. Healthy customers live longer, and come back for more beer. Everyone wins!

When I had the Super Juice Solution over the summer, it was the first sour IPA I’d ever had. For whatever reason, the photo got lost in the BOW archives, but the beer is definitely one to be remembered. It’s soured with Lactobacillus delbrueckii yeast bacteria and uses fruity american hops for aroma and flavor. It’s a very juicy IPA that really refreshed me. And, at 4.1% ABV, your summer solution can involve more than one of these.

You have a problem, and the only solution… is Beers on Windowsills on Instagram!

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