Two Roads Brewing Company / Evil Twin Brewing: Two Evil Pachamama Porter

ABV: 6.5%


Availability: Limited

@untappd says: 3.73/5

Two Roads Week comes to an end on the window sill, with more proof that beer truly is the nectar of the gods!

Today’s beer is one of two collaborations between Two Roads Brewing Company and Evil Twin Brewing (the other being the Geyser Gose). This one plays homage to Pachamama, the mother of earth and time in Incan mythology, who is still revered today by the indigenous peoples of the Andes Mountains. The Incans believed she presided over their planting and harvesting, embodied the mountains and caused earthquakes. She is the wife of Pacha Kamaq (the creator of the world), and the mother of Inti (the sun god) and Killa (the moon goddess.)

The Pachamama Porter is inspired by not just the mythology, but also by the traditional produce of the Incan people: Sweet potatoes, purple maĆ­s and aji panca chili peppers. When I popped the can, the sweet potato aroma hit me first, which is something I’d never had in a beer before. I liked it. The taste followed the nose, although not as intensely; more roast malt than anything, with just a hint of the peppers (my wife hates all peppers, but even she liked this beer enough to take a second sip). Since this is a limited release, and a collaboration involving Evil Twin (among the most creative breweries in the world), I say go pick some up if you can find it.

There are more great collaboration beers on our Instagram. Check it out!

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