Two Roads Brewing Company to Release Igor’s Dream 2019 on Saturday, January 26

With new breweries popping up seemingly everywhere, the Connecticut beer scene is doing better than ever. This weekend, however, it’s a classic that’s making the big news. You might want to get yourself to Stratford this Saturday, January 26, because Two Roads Brewing Company is releasing the 2019 version of it’s famous Igor’s Dream, a rye whiskey barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout.

This will be the seventh release of the Dream, which is named after world famous aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky. Sikorsky emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1919, at the age of 30, and founded the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation—one of the most prolific aviation companies in American history. Among the company’s many accomplishments is the design and production of America’s first viable working helicopter, which Sikorsky flew himself in 1939. Why is Two Roads so obsessed with the Russian immigrant? The company’s headquarters are also in Stratford. This beer is just Two Roads’ way of paying homage to a true Connecticut hero.

So what can you expect this Saturday? Head over to Two Roads’ official site to check out their list of things to know for this release, but here’s a quick summary:

How do I buy the Igor’s Dream?:

Ticket sales for bottles will start at 9:00AM (Cash, credit and check accepted), and the doors to the brewery open at 10:00AM.

What versions of Igor’s Dream are coming out this Saturday?

Igor’s Dream aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels (limit 3 per customer, $20 per bottle)

Igor’s Dream aged in Absinthe Barrels (limit 1 per person, $25 per bottle)

Igor’s Dream aged in Ruby Port Casks (limit 1 per person, $25 per bottle)

You can also pick up several different vintage versions for previous years. See their info page for full list.

That’s so early, though. Will there be coffee?

Yes. 744 Express Food Truck will be there for you.

Anything else cool?

Yep. Starting at noon, the Sikorsky Historical Archives and CT Air & Space Museum will be displaying some cool stuff and signing bottles. Master Brewer Phil Markowski will also be signing bottles. Also, 10% of all pint sales will be donated to the Sikorsky Historical Archives, and there’s going to be a raffle for an Igor’s Dream Swag Bag that benefits the CT Air & Space Museum!

Head over to Two Roads’ Instagram for more info, too!

Two Roads logo courtesy of Two Roads Brewing Company