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If you live in the Connecticut area, and love good beer, you should get yourself down to Lock City Brewing for a big can release this Friday. The Stamford-based Brewery will be releasing cans of two of their IPAs starting Friday at 5pm—the EEPA and Launch IPA.

If you’re not familiar with Lock City, it was founded in 2015 by Michael Bushnell and Patrick Casicolo. Their taproom, which opened this past summer, is located in the Glenbrook/Springfield section of Stamford.

Why Lock City? The name is inspired by one of the city’s former nicknames. Stamford wasn’t “The City that Works.” Sometimes it feels like it still isn’t, amirite? Just kidding, Stamford rocks. Back in the day, thanks to the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company, the city had the locks industry., for lack of a better term, on lock. Y&T was founded in 1869 and, according to, employed about 25% of the city’s people by 1892. When the company left Stamford in the 1950s, the name faded into obscurity…. but now it’s back.

I took a trip there this summer and was pretty much wowed by everything I tried. My buddy Brian (@brewplexcity) and I had a couple of flights, pretty much trying everything the 7-barrell brewery had to offer at the time in the process. Check out my note below, to see the beers we tried.

Notes from Lock City
(Credit: Martin Stezano / Beers on Window Sills)

As you can see, we got ourselves into a little bit of fun that day. I can’t stress enough how good everything was. I even liked the Bugged Out and the Lock O’Lantern, and if you’ve kept up with our Instagram account, you know the Window Sill is no friend to pumpkin beers or porters.

You should also take note (of my note) that the EEPA is on that list. According to Lock City’s Instagram page, it’s a 6.4% ABV pale ale that’s “very light in color and a pungent tropical blend of citrus aromas and flavors.” It’s also hopped with a combination of Galaxy, Citra and Centennial hops, and it’s one of the newest beers in the roster. If I’m being honest, I had so much great beer (and so many beers) that day that I don’t really remember exactly how the EEPA tasted, but trust me when I say, if it’s made at Lock City, it’s good.

I haven’t tried the Launch yet, but I reached out the Lock City on Facebook, and their social media person let me know that it’s an IPA brewed with a blend of Columbus, Mosaic and Citra hops. “Lot’s of hops,” he or she said. At 5.2%, it’s a little lighter than the EEPA, but it still sounds really good to me.

I’m sure I’ll have more about Lock City soon, just wanted to get the word out. Head there Friday for your cans!

Check out Lock City’s Instagram posts about the releases!

Along with Launch we will also be canning EEPA on Friday November 10. #lockcitybrewing #launchipa #eepa #stamfordct

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Canning this Friday! #Lockcitybrewing

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