Evil Twin Brewing: The Saus Baus IPA



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@untappd says: 3.81/5

Feeling very saucy and bossy on the Windowsill today!

Exciting news! Evil Twin Brewing is finally building their brick-and-mortar facility! The location, which is in the early stages of construction, will be in Ridgewood, which is in Queens, New York. I don’t know much, other than that there will be a 4,000 square-foot tasting room with an outdoor area. Hopefully, it will open soon!

If you’ve had Evil Twin’s concoctions before, you know that they like to have a good time coming up with their recipes. The Saus Baus is no different. It’s an IPA brewed with oat and lactose with vanilla. That gives it a nice sweetness, and a little bit of creamier mouthfeel. Then, they add tangerine puree and yuzu juice, which gives the Saus Baus a pretty pleasant citrusy kick. It was refreshing and hoppy. Solid IPA!

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