Industrial Arts Brewing Company: Tools of the Trade

ABV: 4.9%


Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.76/5

Grab your toolbox and head to the Windowsill!

I love a brewery with some history behind it. Although Industrial Arts Brewing Company is a relatively new project from Jeff O’Neill (the former brewer at Peekskill Brewing and Ithaca Beer opened it in 2016), the brewery itself is teaming with historical goodness. The building was built before the Civil War, when it operated as a textile factory. During the war, uniforms were made there. For the good guys. So cool!

The Tools of the Trade is my first foray into Industrial Arts. The American Pale Ale certainly won’t be my last. This beer was crisp and bright, with a citrusy snap that was pretty refreshing. Very simple, pretty tasty.

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