Lagunitas Brewing Company: The Waldos’ Special Ale

ABV: 11.9%

IBU: 100+

Availability: Seasonal – April

@untappd says: 4.16/5

X marks the spot in today’s window sill treasure hunt.
In case you haven’t noticed, the folks over at Lagunitas Brewing Company have a very close relationship with weed. I don’t personally indulge, but if whatever they’re smoking inspires them to create their amazing beers, more power to them. Today’s window sill beer honors the Waldos, which, according to, were a group of five California teens who were really into smoking weed, and are credited with coining the infamous term, “420.” As legend has it, the group learned of a Coast Guard member who could no longer tend to some weed he’d planted in the woods. They were given a treasure map, and met at least once a week at 4:20PM to go look for the hidden hemp. When they were meeting up, they’d remind each other by saying “4:20-Louis (the Louis Pasteur statue where they would meet).” Eventually, the message was shortened to 4:20. The Waldos never found the crop, but at least they became famous.

The Waldos’ Special Ale, meanwhile, is pretty damn good. Released once per year right around April 20, this triple IPA is among the dankest, hoppiest, and yet wonderfully tropical IPAs I have ever tasted. It also packs a hell of a punch. Another great offering from the California/Chicago-based brewery. Delicious.

There’s more hidden treasure—beer treasure, that is—on our Instagram, so go check it out!

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