Modern Times Beer: Lightning Helix

ABV: 6.20%


Availability: Brewed once (only 600 bottles)

@untappd says: 3.79/5

Modern Times is back on the sill today!

What is a Saison? According to, the style hails from the Wallonia region in Belgium, which borders northern France. Named after the French word for “season,” they were brewed in the winter and stored until the summer, when they would be popped open for farmhands to consume on the job (5 liters a day allowed, baby!). That’s why these brews are also known as Farmhouse Ales.

The Lightning Helix is quite the creation. Modern Times Beer took a red wine barrel-aged saison and hammered it with fresh local Meyer lemons. It’s tart, funky and refreshingly citrusy. The complex flavors come together to create quite the experience! If you like sours, see if you can track down a bottle of this rare concoction!

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