Pipeworks Brewing Company: Ninja vs. Unicorn

ABV: 8.0%


Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 4.19/5

There’s an epic battle of lunar proportions on the sill!

I love Pipeworks Brewing Company. From their amazing can art to their incredible beer, this is easily one of my favorite breweries right now. The Ninja vs. Unicorn might be a legendary battle, but the only winner is whoever sips this beer. Over 5 pounds of hops per barrel went into this unfiltered DIPA. Super citrusy and delicious. I’m rooting for the Unicorn. Who are you rooting for?

I wanted to give a special shout out to a bar named The Crooked Knife, and its manager, Michael. I posted an IG story from the bar, asking if I could buy the glass. Not only did Michael give it to me, but he gave me bubble wrap and a box to carry it home in. Go check this place out. Great food! It’s in Manhattan’s East Side, on 30th between Park and Madison. I can’t wait to go again.

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