SingleCut Beersmiths: The Punk with the Stutter Double Dry Hopped IPA

ABV: 7.3%

IBU: 112

Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.22/5

No, I didn’t stutter. There’s an amazing IPA on the Window Sill today!

Ever wonder what it means to be dry hopped? Basically, it’s a way to enhance the hoppy aroma of your beer. Usually, the technique is used in IPAs and Pale Ales, but it can really be used for any style. Hops are typically added during the boil as a way to extract the acids that provide the bitter flavor many hopheads love in their beers. Dry hopping involves adding hops to the fermenter or keg after fermentation instead, over a period of several days, or even several weeks. This adds all of those aromatic oils, but none of the bitterness. It’s lovely!

That brings us to today’s brew, The Punk with the Stutter Double Dry Hopped IPA. If you know your SingleCut Beersmiths, you know the name has rock n’ roll origins. In this case, it’s inspired by a song by The Who named “The Punk and the Godfather,” off of the 1973 rock opera album Quadrophenia. That poncho-wearing motorcyclist you see on the can art is also a reinterpretation of the album cover. The beer itself is wonderful. I could practically smell those tropical, DDH-enhanced aromas from across the room. It’s hoppy, loaded with stone fruit and citrusy flavors. Worthy of that high rating!

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