Evil Twin Brewing: Bible Belt

Evil Twin Brewing: Bible Belt

Style: Imperial Stout

Special Notes: Aged on coffee, vanilla, chillies and cacao

Hops: Columbus

ABV: 13.0%


Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.2/5

Clearing out the archives for Stout Season on the Windowsill!

Today’s Windowsill brew is one of the reasons I love craft beer. If you follow my site, you know I love the Jesus series of stouts from Evil Twin Brewing. You also know that Bomb! by Prairie Artisan Ales is the reason I started drinking craft beer. Now what do you think I did when I heard that Evil Twin and Prairie were collaborating on a beer that was, essentially a mix of the two? Well, I damn near had a heart attack, and then I went out and snagged a can of their collaboration, Bible Belt.

As I mentioned, the recipe for this amazing stout begins with Evil Twin’s Even More Jesus imperial stout. It’s an amazing, chocolaty, thick, fudge-like, ooey, gooey, stick-to-your-ribs stout—one of the best out there. Once that’s ready, those crazy sons of bitches add all the same spices and extras—aging the brew on coffee, vanilla, chillies and cacao—that go into the Bomb! stout. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine for sure is. The best part of all, in my opinion, is that the tag team of Prairie and Evil Twin brought in a third partner, just to brew it all… Westbrook Brewing Co.

What an amazing triple threat of craft brewers, and what an incredible resulting brew. Bible Belt, baby!

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Prairie Artisan Ales: Prairie Weisse

Prairie Artisan Ales: Prairie Weisse

ABV: 3.9%

IBU: 15

Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.81/5

The Windowsill got a little more sour today.

When I was a kid, I loved Super Lemons, Warheads, Sour Patch Kids… Just name a sour candy, and I was all about it. I think that’s why I have such an affinity for sour beers now that I am an adult of sorts. I just like that tingly feeling I get in my jaw when I taste sour things. The Prairie Weisse definitely gave me that lemony-sour trigger I seem to crave.

This is the second beer from Oklahoma’s Prairie Artisan Ales to grace my windowsill and, as with the BOMB!, Prairie did a really good job in its interpretation of an otherwise “normal” beer type. It’s light, refreshing and tingly, but well-balanced and not overwhelming. I think I still prefer the hoppy bitterness of an IPA, but if you’re into sour beers, and companies that really take pride in bringing a unique perspective to making quality brews, you should definitely try the Prairie Weisse, and really anything Prairie Artisan Ales puts out. If anything, pick up some of their beers just so you can take a gander at their cool label art.

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Why Craft Beer? How the BOMB! from Prairie Artisan Ales Changed My Life

Image of beers–Prairie Artisan Ales' Bomb! Imperial Stout

Since I started beersonwindowsills on Instagram, and added the blog and Twitter, I’ve been thinking about how to answer some serious “why” questions.

The first one is simply… Why craft beer? Why, of all my passions, did I choose craft beer as the inspiration for this new creative venture? Why not soccer? Or nitro coffee? Or Happy Socks? Why did I choose this seemingly simple beverage made mostly from barley, hops, yeast and water? Because, as it turns out, beer isn’t simple at all. Continue reading “Why Craft Beer? How the BOMB! from Prairie Artisan Ales Changed My Life”