Trillium Brewing Company: Little Rooster

Hops: Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin

Malts: American 2-row Barley, Malted Oats, Dextrine, C-15

ABV: 5.8%


Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.18/5

Putting some more of Trillium’s Goodfeathers on the window sill today!

Last night’s Trillium Brewing Company brew, the Itty Bitty Goose Pale Ale was a member of the Small Bird Series of session-able ales for the summer, and the same holds true for tonight’s Trillium concoction: The Little Rooster. Although I don’t have cans of any of the other varieties yet, these are the pale ales to look out for on your travels: Skimpy Sparrow, Pocket Pigeon, Tiny Chicken, Pipsqueak Penguin, and the Stumpy Duck.

The Little Rooster is the most highly-rated of the Small Bird Series by Beer Advocate, and the reason becomes pretty obvious as soon as you open the can. It’s hopped with Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin hops, which give it delightfully complex aromas of kiwi, citrus and hoppy goodness. The flavor is also citrusy and crisp, and just enough bitterness to let you know it’s there. Light and delicious. A small bird, but definitely a high-flyer on my list!

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