Collective Arts Brewing’s State of Mind: What Is a Session IPA?

images of beer–Collective Arts Brewing: State of Mind Session IPA

Have you heard the term “session IPA,” or “session beer” thrown around your local craft beer watering hole? Are you unsure of what it means, but too scared to ask, lest you be revealed as a beer novice? Don’t worry, I’m here to answer that question for you, and I’ll even recommend a delicious one with which to wet your whistle after you read.

If I’ve learned anything from my day job, it’s that, before the last 40 years or so, people were extremely dumb. From letting kids to play with plastic bags on their heads to smoking on airplanes to using led paint on baby toys, we used to do some stupid shit. The origin of the session beer is no different, it just takes place even earlier, when people were that much more idiotic. Continue reading “Collective Arts Brewing’s State of Mind: What Is a Session IPA?”

New Belgium Brewing Company: Voodoo Ranger IPA

New Belgium Brewing Company: Voodoo Ranger IPA

Hops: Nugget, Cascade, Simcoe, Chinook, Mosaic, Amarillo

Grain Bill: Pale, Black

Yeast: Ale

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 50

Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.69/5

Another one’s on the sill for Women’s History Month!

In 1991, CEO Kim Jordan and her then-husband Jeff Lebesch started making beer in their basement. Although the marriage didn’t work out, New Belgium Brewing Company certainly has. The really cool thing about NBBC is that it is 100% employee-owned. In 1992, Jordan and Lebesch hired Brian Callahan and gave him a 10% slice of “sweat equity.” In 1995, Jordan started giving all employees stock options, and by 2000, 32% of the company was owned by it’s workers. At the company’s annual retreat in January of 2013, she surprised her 457 coworkers with the news that they now owned the entire company.

That, as well as its commitment to prioritizing social and environmental goals, make New Belgium one of the best companies in the country. All kudos go to Jordan, a truly inspiring woman in not just the craft brewery world, but the entire business world too.

I should probably talk about the Voodoo Ranger IPA too, huh? Mosaic and Amarillo hops give this golden IPA the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. It’s super refreshing and, at 7% ABV, it packs a solid wallop too. Plus, look at the Voodoo Ranger skeleton! Kickass!

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Newburgh Brewing Company: MegaBoss IPA

Newburgh Brewing Company: MegaBoss IPA

Hops: Whole Leaf Delta, Simcoe, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, Lemon Drop, Apollo, Cascade, Centennial

Malts: Pilsner Malt, Malted Wheat

Yeast: Newburgh Ale Yeast

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 45

Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.81/5

If you think my window sill’s been very hops-centric of late, I’m sorry. It’s getting even hoppier today!

Quick! I need you to name as many varieties of hops as you can, right off the top of your dome. Did you name eight different ones? If you did, you’re a better beer connoisseur than I am.

Why did I just make you show me how much more you know about beer than I do? Because the MegaBoss IPA, made by Newburgh, NY’s Newburgh Brewing Company, is brewed with 8 different kinds of hops: Whole Leaf Delta, Simcoe, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, Lemon Drop, Apollo, Cascade and Centennial hops. That combination, along with the aroma of pineapple and tropical fruit was so crisp, floral and tasty that even my wife, who typically really doesn’t like IPAs, thought it was delightful. If the MegaBoss can convince my wife, can you imagine what it can do for you?

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Common Ground Roots Company: Beta

Common Ground Brewing Company: Beta

Hops: Citra

ABV: 6.5%


Availability: Brewed differently each time

@untappd says: 4.05/5

It’s time to get experimental on the Windowsill.

I have to imagine that half the fun of owning a brewery is the research and development phase of production. Nearly infinite combinations of ingredients are at the brewer’s fingertips, meaning he or she can make nearly infinite flavors of any particular type of beer. With their Beta Experimental IPA program, Common Roots Brewing Company has, essentially, opened up the R&D portion of their production process to the public, by releasing slightly different versions of the IPA, as they try to perfect the recipe.

In October, the Beta was made with Amarillo hops and dry-hopping additions. In November, El Dorado, Columbus and Amarillo hops were used. In January, Citra and Columbus hops were the go to for flavoring. In February, un-malted wheat was added to yet another combination of hops. In March’s release, which is the version I picked up at my local beer distributer, all Citra hops were used.

I must say, I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the beer was off the chain. I just wish I’d known about all the other versions too. I would have put them all on my sill and compared the flavors! The latest incarnation was crisp, floral and refreshing. The freaky label art is pretty fun too. Very cool stuff from the South Glenn Falls, NY brewery!

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El Segundo Brewing Company: Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA

El Segundo Brewing Company: Steve Austin's Broken Skull IPA

Hops: Citra, Cascade, Chinook

ABV: 6.7%

IBU: 39

Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.91/5

If you want me to open up a bottle of whoop-ass all over my Windowsill today, give me a “Hell Yeah!”

If you were a pro wrestling fan during the late 1990s, you remember the great “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The “Texas Rattlesnake” was one of the best all-around performers in the history of the business. Since his retirement, the six-time WWE Champion has kept himself busy with some acting, some reality tv and a couple of podcasts, but it’s only fitting that the man who made crushing “Steveweisers” in the middle of the ring famous, would one day go on to release a beer with his name on it.

Austin paired up with California’s El Segundo Brewing Company a few years ago to release today’s beer, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA. Austin loves himself a good IPA, and he wouldn’t release one under his name if he wasn’t sure it would whoop your ass and give you the two-finger salute when it was finished. These days, Austin 3:16 also says “I just got you drunk!” And that’s the bottom line, cuz Beers on Windowsills said so!

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