Chatting with Laura Dierks (Probably) from Interboro Spirits & Ales

images of beer – Interboro Spirits and Ales' Super Bad double IPA

As an up-and-coming beer connoisseur, blogger and Instagrammer, one of the things I some day wish to accomplish is to have relationships with breweries all over the country. I’ve joked with my wife that I would consider this entire endeavor a success if some day just one brewery sends me a free beer to drink, photograph and write about. While I’m not quite there yet, I did have a really pleasant experience with one of the breweries whose beer I put on the windowsill, and I think it makes for a pretty good story.

Here’s what went down. The other night, I photographed and reviewed today’s windowsill inhabitant, the Super Bad–a double IPA from Brooklyn’s Interboro Spirits & Ales. As part of my writeup, I did a brief tongue-in-cheek anti-hipster rant related to the beer’s chosen home base of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is basically hipster central in New York City. Continue reading “Chatting with Laura Dierks (Probably) from Interboro Spirits & Ales”

Magic Hat Brewing Company: Electric Peel

Magic Hat Brewing Company: Electric Peel

Hops: Apollo, Centennial, Chinook

Malts: Pale, Carapils

ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 65

Availability: Year-round

@untappd says: 3.4/5

Sometimes, even my Windowsill swings and misses.

Let me first say that Magic Hat Brewing Company is an excellent brewery. Since 1994, the Vermont-based brewery has been making really good, very eclectic beers and, as they say, putting a performance into every bottle. Their beers are bold, experimental and mostly delicious. Unfortunately, the Electric Peel Grapefruit IPA was a miss for me. I think the issue is that I always think I’m going to like grapefruit, so I always buy it, but I never actually enjoy it.

Whether it’s in a beer, or the actual fruit itself, it always leaves me disappointed. The bitterness of the Electric Peel’s grapefruit, mixed with the bitterness of its hops, was just not my cup of tea. I know the next one I try from Magic Hat will be a hit, but I can’t recommend this one.

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Interboro Spirits and Ales: Super Bad

Interboro Spirits and Ales: Super Bad

ABV: 9.0%

IBU: 60

Availability: Rotating

@untappd says: 4.11/5

Brooklyn’s in the house, and on the window sill!

There’s a lot of stuff I don’t like about Brooklyn. Mostly, it’s all the trendy hipster nonsense. Interboro Spirits & Ales, which opened in 2016, is in the middle of hipster central in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and they aren’t shying away from that. Their brewery is carved out in an old woodworking factory. The decor in their tap room is “rustic.” Hell, they even have a live-in cat named Bingo. You know what else the good people at Interboro don’t shy away from? Making tremendous beer.

I picked this baby up the day it was released, not knowing anything about it. I asked the guy at @beertable for a really good hazy IPA, and he motioned to the Super Bad, which had been delivered just hours before. Wowsers, was this beer good. All the flavors–a little grapefruit, orange, mango and caramel–all shine through, but still give way to the nice bitter finish that the hops bring when you sip it. Did I mention Interboro is also a distillery? That’s for another instagram account to talk about, though. Go get the Super Bad, and anything else this place puts out, today. I’d even go to Brooklyn myself to get it.

Check out my informal chat with Laura Dierks of Interboro, and check this post on Instagram, here!

What’s the Big Deal About Nitro Beers, Anyway?

Image of beers–Modern Times Beer's Black House Nitro Stout

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the world is suddenly all about Nitro. No, I’m not referring to the movement honoring former American Gladiators for their contributions to the world of battering laypeople with oversized q-tips that I hope to one day start. I’m talking about nitrogen gas, the biggest trend in brewing today.

So what’s the big deal with Nitro beer, and why is it suddenly everywhere?

First of all, we need to establish one thing. Using nitrogen to carbonate beer instead of CO2 is not a new thing. I know you might be seeing a lot of craft nitro brews emerging in the last year, and even some from the big time beer companies, but there’s one brewery that has been using nitrogen to make their delicious beers for over 50 years.

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